The Process

Fast, Easy and Cost Effective

A simple overview of what you would experience with Quixotic.

Listening Session

  1. This session will take about one hour
  2. We ask questions to understand your businesses needs
  3. Let us know what you think would help. Every business is unique and has unique needs

Brainstorm Ideas

  1. Once we understand your needs our team will find the best digital advertising solution for your company to maximize results

Create the Ads

  1. We create beautiful advertising that will catch the eye of your target audience
  2. We run the ads by you so you know what we are sending out to the world
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Launch the Campaign

  1. We launch the ads on the platforms we discussed
  2. Each campaign will go for three weeks

Look at the Data

  1. With Facebook, Google, and Email marketing we will look at the website and customer tracking to see if they were successful

Watch the Magic

In a fast, easy, and cost-effective manner, you will see your organizations presence begin to grow. Whatever your social media goals are, you will begin to see them become a reality. Quixotic is here to help you succeed.

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